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July 11, 2024

Redemption Is a Ransom, But to Whom?

Dmitriy Zherebnenkov

A few Sundays ago, while studying the Gospel of Luke 18:31-34, we encountered the biblical doctrine of redemption. This is a very important component of a sinner’s salvation. Today, I would like to reflect a bit more on it, and, perhaps, clarify some aspects of this doctrine, particularly to whom the ransom was paid, or who accepted this ransom from the hands of Jesus Christ. Let’s briefly review what has already been said: The text in Luke 18:31-34 speaks about…

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Prayer Request

Prayer RequestPrayer is not a ritual to be performed. It is a conversation with someone who knows more about your need than you do and knows how to help.

It is a need that often brings us to our knees. We especially need a prayer shoulder of a friend when troubles come. If you are currently experiencing something similar, text us so we can support you in prayer.