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Church, as a God’s instrument in this world, participates in sharing Gospel with all people: close and distant. Considering this, our church sends and supports missionaries in different cities and countries around the world. It helps to establish new Bible churches where people can hear Gospel and where their hearts get changed.

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Sheremet Family

… How are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preach­ing? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” – Romans 10.14-15


Joseph & Oksana Sheremet
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God has called us to spread the gospel in Poland among Ukrainian, Russian and Polish speakers. After many years of ministry of the gospel, together with my family, we are moving to strengthen the missionary church in Warsaw and further the church planting ministry in Poland through organic outreach, discipleship and spiritual education for church leaders.
We plan to move in early 2023 (end of January)


• God’s guidance in every matter of preparing, moving, settling and starting a ministry;
• Wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of the Gospel in Poland
• Adaptation to culture and language
• Spiritual and financial support for the family


• Building relationships with people on the spot
• Ministry among refugees from Ukraine and other countries
• Finance for ministry development
• Church meeting and office space

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Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw- a city of two banks, 9 bridges and almost 2 million citizens.

Here businessmen, homeless, visitors, citizens and tourists get along with each other.  

In the center of Poland God has established a small church where our brother in Christ, Aleksandr Ilin, serves.

Despite the panics of recent events in the world, people there have a big hunger for a truth and desire to attend church.

Due to restrictions church started live translation, which is still happening there for those who want but can’t physically attend church. Thus, these online services are available not only for this city citizens but also for people from other places.

On the regular basic they organize home groups, prayer meetings for brothers, fellowships for sisters and youth.

Another blessing is teens club, where youth is happy to come. Since these fellowships are in Polish language they are open for Poland youth.

Church vision priotarizes Gospel spreading among local citizens and organize new Poland churches, so every Saturday believers carry out street evangelism. In this way they have an opportunity to meet new people that God sends on their way.

The biggest need at this time is to find a building for services.

Church will be grateful for prayers and financial support.

Boryspil, Ukraine

Boryspil is often called “air gates of Ukraine” since particularly in this city the biggest airport of Ukraine is located. This town is not far from Kyiv, so it often serves as an inn for passengers who missed the last train to the capital or wait for the next flight.

It’s been two years since Oleg Gerasichkin with his wife and 7 kids started ministry there.

Due to war at Donbass in 2014 Gerasichkin family moved to Borispil where they were involved in the process of old church restoration and new one creation.

Over this time the church that consisted of 8 people became a community of 60. Different services have been initiated:

  1. Family ministry

Family nights are not only for church couples but also unbelievers. Topics on Bible family values help people to get answers on different critical questions.

  • Youth ministry

Once a month church carries out Coffee House Night. These meets are open for non-christian youth. At such fellowships they have tea/coffee with snacks, games, discussions with speaker on actual topics for youth. The main goal of these nights is to meet new young people and invite them to small group fellowship.

  • Women ministry

 There are many women in this city who live through divorce and abuse. Therefore, these meets are organized to support them, have discussion around Bible and pray for each other.

  • Children ministry

To reach children for the Christ they organize camps, clubs, meets and picnics for kids.

Besides this, there are small home groups, men’s and women’s fellowships. Believers attend them to study Bible and grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ.   

Torun, Poland

Sergey Potapov and his family are missionaries in one of the towns in Poland. Population of Torun is 200000 people. It is a small but very beautiful and historical town. If its business card is pretty nice because of history and architecture, we can’t say the same about its spiritual life. Population is mostly catholic. People hardly know who are evangelic Christians and what is Gospel. Poland is a leader for the lowest number of Christians and stays at the same line with such countries as Sadden Arabia and other Muslim countries. There’s only one Baptist church of 50 people in Torun.

Potapov moved to Torun in August 2016. Before Poland Sergey was a missionary at Donbass but war actions made their family to move out.

At the same time the church in Torun was looking for a missionary to serve among Russian speakers. Thus, by God’s providence Sergey became that missionary.

Two years ago Sergey was enrolled into Warsaw Baptist Seminary to learn Polish language and be able to serve among polish people. Thank to that at present time Sergey helps to organize a new church in Bydgoszcz city which is two times bigger than Torun. Church team makes street evangelism and has discussions with local people about Gospel. Having learned Polish language, now Sergey can preach in Polish at church.

Sergey and his assistant Evgeniy, who repented in Torun, have a big wish to found a Polish church.

Potapov family lives by means of local church donations. Despite it doesn’t cover all the expenses they are grateful for what they have.

Sergey’s wife works but it is a low paid job. Sergey works as a gardener and this job takes a lot of time and efforts.

Please pray for these missionaries and upon your heart will and possibility, you can support them financially.