Small group ministry

The church carried out small home groups ministry for a better pastoral care of all members of the church. The main function of home groups is discipleship Philosophy of the small group ministry presented here.

If you are a member or regular attendee of our church and would like to join a small group, please refer to the contact list of small group leaders below. Each leader will provide you information regarding the group and the possibility to joining the small group.

List of small (home) group leaders and prayer group leaders

Alex Negrulya 916-226-7353 Friday - 7pm
Andrey Gushtyuk 916-548-5166 Friday - 7pm
Andrey Kobzar 916-662-4768 Tuesday - 7pm
Andrey Nesterenko 916-642-5807 Prospective group
Iosif Sheremet 916-342-7755 Tuesday - 7pm
John Oselsky 916-803-0828 Prospective group
Nikolay P. Belev 916-281-6939 Monday - 9am
Nikolay Damaschin 503-931-1734 Friday - 7pm
Sergey Nyagov 916-849-3002 Saturday - 7:30pm
Stepan Ermolenko 916-514-3441 Tuesday - 7pm
Valentin Pruglo 916-880-0912 Tuesday - 7:30pm
Vasiliy Khripunov 916-272-9955 Wednesday - 6:30pm
Vasiliy Zavorotny 916-296-0470 Prospective group
Victor Nedeoglo 916-743-9735 Friday - 7pm
Vlad Sonnik 916-849-3002 Tuesday - 7:30pm
Yevgeniy Protsenko 916-601-3752 Monday - 7pm
Svetlana Pruglo “Mothers in Prayer” 916-880-8113 Monday - 6:15pm
Svetlana Pruglo “How to learn to know yourself” 916-880-8113 Friday - 7:00pm

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