Worshiping Ministry

The result of knowing God is the uncontrollable desire of the heart to praise him! The center of our worship is our Lord Jesus Christ, and music and singing unite the children of God in corporate worship that prepares our hearts to receive his Word.

The praise and worship at Grace Family Church is carried out by our worship teams, the main choir, solo performances, as well as youth and children choirs. The worship service is carried out by the worship teams and accompanied by instrumental music.

The main worship team, led by Eugene Nedorezov, was created in October 2003. The team ministers every Sunday in the morning, every other Sunday in the evening, and as scheduled on Thursday. For questions about the ministry and inquiries about joining the main worship team, please contact Eugene at 916-715-5174.

The youth worship team, led by Sveta Nedorezov, was created in 2014 and leads service in the evenings and on scheduled Thursdays. For questions about the ministry and inquiries about joining the youth worship team, please contact Sveta at 916-804-0718.

The main church choir was created in 2004. The choir participates in the morning service every Sunday. Easter and Christmas services are accompanied by an orchestra. The music and style of the orchestra is determined by the program and is chosen by the conductor. For questions about the ministry and for inquiries about joining the choir, please call the choir director, Valentin Pruglo, at 916-880-0912.

The youth choir was founded in 2011 and participates on scheduled evening services. Currently, the youth choir is in need of a director. For questions about the service or for inquiries about joining the youth choir, please contact Valentine Pruglo at 916-880-0912.

The children’s choir was created in 2003 and usually participates in holiday services. The ages of the children are from five to ten years old. For questions about enrolling your children into the choir, or for inquiries about how to help in the children’s choir ministry, please call the director of the children’s choir, Tanya Polyashenko, at 916-216-7036.

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