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There are many ways to spread the “fragrance of Christ”. Including, by cleaning streets and removing garbage from the streets of the cities where we live. Today, September 25, Watt Avenue along Grace Family Church became bright with orange trash bags, gloves and hard-workers, cleaning out all the mess at the street. Having armed themselves with a goal to meet neighbors and offer help to people who live or work close to church, brothers and sisters went out to beautify the nearby territory.

Old and young came for clean-up. Having been divided into teams, all started their journey.  Children were passionately trying to find trash, followed by adults who collected the rest. As a result, the entire trailer was filled with garbage by “good measure, pressed down, shaken together”.

That was a time of interesting observations because even trash we collect differently. Some people notice small particles in the grass when other look at curb and see completely different things. All this confirms the lesson learnt from recent Sunday sermon: church is a teamwork when people complement each other.

Each group met totally different people: shocked neighbor who couldn’t believe that some strangers decided to clean around his house; young guy, passing by and gladly accepting church business card and invitation to visit service; homeless man who was perplexedly observing things happening around him, but was happy at the end to get his slice of pizza as an addition to clean-up. One couple, that recently moved to this area, was so astonished seeing kids working, so they started helping them. Police officers also approved such an idea and business managers were taken by a complete surprise when heard about help offer.

All teams came back happy and inspired by a combination of teamwork, fellowship and people witness.

Maybe you say that clean-up is a peanut, but we believe that even such small things God can use to achieve His main goal – building-up souls and spreading His Kingdom among people. 


We are very grateful for your willingness to financially assist the work of God. It is especially important during the time of trial.
You can do it in several ways:


Write a check to Grace Family Church with your indicated amount. Send it by mail to the church address
Grace Family Church,
7031 Watt Ave, N.Highlands, CA, 95660.

Bring the checks to the church campus and drop them into the mailbox located on the wall of the church building at the entrance to the office.


Donate online via internet using PayPal or a credit card – click Donate button below


Sign on to your online banking.
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All donations are tax deductible. God bless you!