Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

“No lesson on life rules can wake up spiritually dead person. New life sprouts when Gospel is spoken.”

Richard Sibbes

“The final goal of our ministry is to unite heart with Christ and let neither debt nor sin becomes and obstacle for us.”

Richard Sibbes

Children’s ministry is aimed to glorify God and build up the church through sharing Gospel among our kids.

Sunday school is not a facility that just promotes good manners and moral principles; it’s not a place where kids can just have some good time meanwhile parents can take a rest.

Sunday school- is a tool which helps moms and dads with their main task- show Christ to their children. An important goal of Sunday School is to involve parents into the studying process of their kids. That helps parents and their children to be disciplined and obey God.

We would be happy to see children of 1-5th grades together with their parents at common children services which take place every Thursday at 6:30 pm in the church main building.

Uniqueness of such services is that parents can seat together with their children “at one desk” of God’s school. Sermon which is addressed to kids is also useful for parents: two generations “take classes” to learn one thing- to see Gospel on every page of Bible.

What is the program?

We use “Generation of Grace” program. All classes take the same course with some age adaptation. The program has been developed to show God’s character, mission of Christ, to show the way of having relationship with Him and sufficiency of Bible in daily life.

As addition parents receive a special book for daily devotional (Family Devotional Book), which helps to work through the material kids hear during the lesson.

What is the schedule?

Every Thursday:

6:30- service starts in the church main building

6:45- after worship kids of 1 and 2nd grade leave for the lesson

6:45- 7:30- sermon for kids of 3-5th grades and their parents

7:30- children of 3-5th grades leave for the lesson

7:30-8:15- Bible study for parents

8:15- parents meet their children after the lesson

What should every student remember?

be respectful to a teacher and other students

have your Bible, student book or work book

don’t bring along your cell phones, electronic games and other toys

don’t leave classroom without teacher’s approval

What should every person remember?

don’t be late

remember that you are responsible for the child before and after the lesson

encourage your kids to memorize Bible verses