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“Nowadays there are many surviving churches, but few are alive.” А. Kolomiytsev

No more, no less but 18. Grace Family Church celebrated its full age lively and joyfully in the context of fellowship and worship. Church is a fruit of God’s work from its first brick to the last person in it. Thinking of this, you cannot stop worshiping its Author. That’s why Sunday service was started with a triumphant unison “Soli Deo Gloria”- “Glory to God alone”.

In addition to Church Birthday, there was one more event we celebrated – ordination of Andrey Kobzar as a Children Ministry Pastor. In this day and age when ministry roles are not that popular, this step is very important and valuable in the church life.

Living through joyful events we always mark something that will be taken by our memory. That day everybody’s memory had widespread opportunities to choose something special.

No doubts, many people gave a second thought and got their lessons learnt from Sunday sermon delivered by our dear brother Aleksey Kolomiytsev, who came to join us.

And it is easy to guess what was taken by boys’ memory who started their preparations long before this day. Sure thing, to participate in derby car racing they had to ask dads’ help to build and prepare the car for racing.

Many participants clutched their heads and grasped their hearts after biblical jeopardy with interesting questions prepared by our pastor. They clutched their heads for two reasons: the first, because of emotions and thinking tension, and the second, sadly realizing that their brain doesn’t remember everything it reads from the Bible. For all the participants, it was fascinating, useful and encouraging episode of the day.

Surely, we hardly could find a person who would not notice beautiful paintings in the hall, off-road vehicles at the parking, or delicious pilaf prepared by our catering team, not to mention tables with sweets looking at which you would feel active participation of entire church in it.

Church Day is not about the date to celebrate or tasty food to eat; it is an echo of heaven on this earth, it is soul reunion, joy of fellowship, smile followed by the thought: “Church is alive!”


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